About Gumnasia

Gumnasia, pronounced: goom-nas-ee’-ah, is the ancient Greek word for the gymnasium. Happiness is a skill, however you define happiness, it is a skill that can be learnt.

Gymnasium in ancient Greece were more than the gyms we know today, along with physical exercise, wrestling, and steam bath the sessions also ended with philosophical study, training, and discussion.

I live with depression every day. This blog is about my journey, how I deal with it, how the people around me handle it, it includes advice, frustrations, tips, and stories from my life. Just a note: I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on the internet, these are things that I have learnt, and that work for me.

Train to happiness

A large part of my well being has to do with training, training to be happy (content, satisfied with my life), and that training needs to be holistic, communal. I need to get my arse to gym, I need to be disciplined, be mindful, I need to take care of my body.

The Greeks and Romans trained naked, that is what Gymnasium means to train naked. A very good friend of mine Tom Smith, has expounded this metaphor in my life. We need to practice living, we need to train to be proper humans, training naked has no pretense, no show, no ego. Just you as you came into this world.

So this isn’t a declaration or a broadcast, nor do I have all the answers, it is an invitation to train with me.

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