At the moment I have about two or maybe three minor injuries, knee, elbow and rips on my hands. My physio loves me.. :), and I love Arnica oil.

Sport and injuries go together. That is just the way it is. Anyone that is even mildly serious about any sport (maybe with the exception of chess), and definitely everyone that has competed, will tell you that dealing with injuries is part and parcel.

During my triathlon phase, I raced with burning shins, and lower back pain. I hit the ground hard more than a few times off my bike, wasting my knees.

While I was training for my first ultra marathon, I got tendonitis in my right foot, right on the bridge, and ran a 32km race.  It hurt like hell.

When I was learning Krav Maga, I trained with cracked ribs, swollen ears, and more bruises that I care to remember.

It may seem silly to keep going when you are injured, but if you have to stop every time you injure something, you’ll never get going.

Ever seen a ballet dancer’s feet, or a gymnast’s hands?


Image result for gymnast hands


That is the price of beauty, elegance, and success in a dancer’s and gymnast’s world.

Very, very few times in an athlete’s ‘career’, even a mediocre amature like myself’s, will they be 100% injury free. Fact.

So there are at least two lessons here:

1. Strap up, suck it up, and get on with it.

Yes, you are injured, yes it hurts. Either stop, or do what you came here to do.


Life is not injury free. You will get hurt, you probably are hurt, but stopping is not an option. In fact, the victory is all the sweeter, because of what you overcame.

Plus, injuries keep you humble, you are not super human after all.

Yes, there are times when you are simply too injured to compete, or too race, or even to train. Then rest, but not forever. Get healed up, and get back out there. That is the only option.

2. Everyone is playing injured.

You are not the only one fighting the pain. Everyone has some sort of injury. It would serve us all well to remember that. We all fight battles, we all have taken shots, we are all bruised. So have a little understanding when someone ‘acts out’, they are probably running with a sprained ankle.